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Where Does the Butterfly Go When It Rains?


May Garelick's rhythmic text explores what happens to various animals when it rains. Where do they go? What do they do? Nicholas Wilton's illustrations are a rich visual experience that haunt the reader like an illusive dream. Full color.

Just My Size

A little girl reminisces about the beautiful coat she owned which, as she grew, became in turn, a jacket, vest and cap, a knapsack, and finally, a beautiful coat for her doll.

The Tremendous Tree Book

This delightful and informative book takes complex material about trees and pares it down to the basic facts that children can understand and enjoy.

What Makes a Bird a Bird?

What is the one special thing that makes a bird a bird? Is it flying, or building a nest, or laying eggs? In this beautifully illustrated book, May Garelick poses many questions that lead the reader on an exciting search to find out what makes a bird a bird.

Who Likes It Hot?

Explains, in rhymed text and illustrations, why certain animals prefer hot climates and others prefer cold.

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